The spacious foyer welcomes visitors and provides various services. Apart from admission tickets, they can find take-home informative material and ask staff members about the exhibition, events, the House itself, the association's activities, and the research center. At the same time, the foyer serves to construct the narrative axis connecting the German National Theater, Theaterplatz, and the HDWR and to emphasize dramatically the uniqueness of the immediate proximity to the building in which the National Assembly met and to the place where Germany's first democratic constitution was adopted.


In a twenty-minute introductory video, visitors receive an overview of the history of the Weimar Republic, and thus a multi-media taste of what the entire permanent exhibition will be like. Cutting-edge projection technology powers this attractive area in which they can feel history coming alive. Guests may enter the Video Room without an admission ticket.

Café & Shop

The café in the House of the Weimar Republic is the perfect place to allow your impressions of the exhibition to sink in and to discuss them with others. A spacious bench with tables and chairs beckons you to linger. There is also reading material – newspapers of the time! The café’s menu includes hot and cold drinks, cakes, and small snacks. A shop in integrated in the café. It sells various items related to the Weimar Republic and – above all – books on the topic.
The café is freely accessible to all Weimar inhabitants and their guests, not just the exhibition's visitors. The exit leading towards the Artists’ Garden features an outdoor patio in the shade – a true refuge in the middle of the city.

Artists’ Garden

The Artists’ Garden is an institution of the cultural life of the City of Weimar. The opening of the House of the Weimar Republic has brought it a renaissance – as a site for events of all kinds, an opportunity for new bands to perform, and a center for the Weimar Cultural Festival. The garden is now open to Weimar residents and their guests at all times, not just sporadically. Its direct connection with the House creates an interesting symbiosis of indoor and outdoor areas – right in the heart of Weimar.

Concert at the artist garden
Concert at the artist garden